Airsys Acceleration: The Partner Sales Academy


Thank you to everyone who attended our Airsys Acceleration: The Partner Sales Academy workshops.

With customers responding to specialised and niche offerings, we must mark out fresh distinctive values to achieve success. Airsys created specialist sale workshops to help our customers achieve ambitious sales objectives to secure a powerful competitive advantage.

Malmaison, Oxford and Weetwood Hall Estate, Leeds played host to four workshops to accelerate our customers growth.
  • The Selling Masterclass
  • The Prospecting and Access to Executives Masterclass
  • The ‘Sales Proposals That Rock!’ Masterclass
  • The Value Consulting Skills Workshop

By adapting and honing how you sell differently to match your value proposition, it is sales people who generate more exclusive levels of trust with prospects, our sales academy have helped sales team differ from the competition.

By learning to consult like a professional, attendees now gain the trust of the right people, sustain best practice and create winning proposals. Furthermore, they have learnt to analyse business issues, political and competitive factors, collaborate with the client to shape the solution/value of specific live opportunities, and define strategies to win these specific deals.

The Selling Masterclass
This was the bedrock of the Airsys Acceleration academy curriculum. An intensive application of value selling best practice with sales tools a common methodology and sales language that can be used immediately.

The Prospecting and Access to Executives Masterclass
To be a good closer, first be a great opener! Customers have the ability to systematic measurable process to connect through to named relevant key players and open new leads.

The ‘Sales Proposals That Rock!’ Masterclass
There’s the way proposals are usually built and delivered, and there’s a great way. Building on the value selling master classes, customers found out how to elevate the proposal to a strategic selling tool.

The Value Consulting Skills Workshop
It's all about the customer before it's anything about you, right? So analyse customer priorities first, sell after. This workshop focus on the art of creating more business by developing stronger and more productive customer relationships.

The Airsys Academy is a series of training courses and workshops designed to enable you to fully understand the technical benefits and features of both hardware and software, while shaping ambitious sales objectives to achieve opportunities created from gaining the trust of the right people. With new training courses being added to the Airsys Academy, contact Airsys today for more information.
Had a brilliant time over the last two days at the ‘Selling Masterclass’ workshop. A big thank you to Airsys for such an enjoyable and informative time. Such an interesting and beautiful location.

Attendee of the Airsys Sales Academy

Very good, well organised and Ian is very ease to discuss matters with.

Attendee of the Airsys Sales Academy

The Selling Masterclass, Leeds