Airsys Sustainability Program    

Reduce Reuse Recycle  


The UK generated 37.2 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste in 2018 according to government figures that were produced in March 2020, this was an increase from 33.1 million tonnes in 2016. 
icon-02.jpgAt Airsys we understand the importance of sustainability and have been working hard across all areas of our business to operate in ways which are more environmentally friendly. We aim with our sustainability program to promote good working practices, reduce waste and increase the reuse and recycling of materials.

Our sustainability program includes:

  • Recycling of office waste wherever possible
  • Employee education of sustainable practices
  • Reduction of paper use and other office consumable
  • Keeping energy usage low. For example, energy efficient lighting and ensuring computers are shut down after work.
  • More efficient virtual meeting tools 
  • Recycling of redundant office equipment
  • Working with partners who have their own sustainability program
  • The reuse of materials whenever possible
  • Recycling of old Motorola Solutions batteries
  • Airsys UK&I office provided with 100% renewable electricity.
  • Reuse or Recycle Campaign (new)
  • Digital Christmas Cards 
  • Sponsor of Elephant Pump in Africa

reduce,-reuse-and-recycle-small-01.jpgAs part of our sustainability program, Airsys is pleased to announce our new Reuse or Recycle Campaign. We aim to reduce our environmental impact by reusing or recycling cardboard boxes where possible to stop unnecessary waste. Our reused boxes will be wearing one of our greens labels and will only be used for a reseller delivery and never for an end user delivery. When a cardboard box cannot be reused, it will be recycled.

Also, as part of this campaign, the money saved from the purchasing of new cardboard boxes will be used to fund Airsys charity projects.

Hydration is Key

ATLogo-L-Women-and-children-pumping-water.jpgHere, at Airsys, we are aware that keeping our team hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout the work day.

As a result, we decided to invest in watercoolers from AquAid.

Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our company the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves, because with each purchase an automatic donation is made to The Africa Trust.

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Our Christmas Cards will remain digital for the forseeable future as part of our sustainablity program

As part of our sustainability program, we have been working hard across all areas of our business to operate in ways which are more environmentally friendly.

Our digital cards are just another way we have been reducing our carbon footprint. For the past two years, we have invited our Airsys younger Partners to design a christmas card for us.

We have kept these digital as part of our sustainabilty program, as we understand the importance of protecting and sustaining the environment around us. 

If you would like to learn more about our sustainability program, please contact a member of the Airsys sales team.

For more information regarding the recycling of old Motorola Solutions batteries, please contact a member of the Airsys customer services team