Motorola Solutions E Series Products

Non Premium Feature Clearance

Our Motorola Solutions clearance products are available whilst stocks lasts.

Products are not available to purchase online. Please contact your account manager for more information.

 E Series

Part Number Description
MDH02JDH9VA1AN Motorola DP2600E VHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56JDC9RA1AN Motorola DP4401E VHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56JDC9VA1AN Motorola DP4400E VHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56JDH9KA1AN Motorola DP4601 VHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56JDN9RA1AN Motorola DP4801E VHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56JDQ9RA1AN Motorola DP4601E VHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56JDQ9VA1AN Motorola DP4600E VHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56JDS9RA1ANB DP4401E 136-175MHz with SMA Connector - Body Only
MDH56RDC9RA1AN Motorola DP4401E UHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56RDN9KA1AN Motorola DP4801 UHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56RDN9VA1AN Motorola DP4800E UHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56RDQ9RA1AN Motorola DP4601E UHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56RDR9RA1AN Motorola DP4801E UHF - SMA Connector - Radio Body Only
MDH69JDQ9RA1AN Motorola DP3661E VHF - Radio Body Only
MDH56RDN9RA1AN Motorola DP4801E UHF – Radio Body Only
MDH81QCN9TA2AN Motorola SL4010E UHF – Radio Body Only

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