Motorola Solutions Mobiles and Local Base Stations Products

Non Premium Feature Clearance

Our Motorola Solutions clearance products are available whilst stocks lasts.

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Mobiles & Local Base Stations

Part Number Description
DM4400E V HP LOCAL BASE Motorola DM4400E VHF High Power Local Base
DM4600E V LOCAL BASE Motorola DM4600E VHF Low Power Local Base
DM4601E U HP LOCAL BASE Motorola DM4601E UHF High Power Local Base
MDM28JNC9RA2AN Motorola DM4401E 136 - 174Mhz Mobile (25W)
MDM28JQC9VA2AN Motorola DM4400E 136- 174Mhz Mobile (45W)
MDM28JQN9VA2AN - NO ACSYS Motorola DM4600E 136-174 HP Cd MBA307N - No acsys
MDM28QPC9RA2AN Motorola DM4401E 403 - 470Mhz Mobile (40W)
MDM28QPN9RA2AN Motorola DM4601E 403-470Mhz Mobile (40W)
MDM28QPN9VA2AN Motorola DM4600E 403 - 470Mhz Mobile (40W)

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