Airsys and Motorola Solutions at The International Disaster Management Exhibition (IDME) 17-18th April 2019, London

IDME was launched at 2012 and was in London for its fifth edition as part of the unique portfolio of World Humanitarian Forum, Aid&Trade London and Emergency Show.

The International Disaster Management Exhibition showcased a major-scale exhibition of specialist solutions and innovations that make responders tasks possible and easier.

Airsys and Motorola Solutions were pleased to attend the IDME as exhibitors during its two-day, free-to-attend event showcasing specialist equipment, technology and services for disaster prevention, response and recovery. It was expected that over 5,000 visitors attended including; governments, NGOs, aid agencies, search and rescue and emergency response teams as well as audiences across the public and private sectors.

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During the event, Airsys and Motorola Solutions showcased a range of products and solutions that will provide Unified Communications in any disaster.

WAVETM enables interoperable push-to-talk (PTT) communication across broadband and radio networks and devices so that critical, time-sensitive information flows quickly and securely between mobile workers and teams. Whether on a smartphone, radio, computer or landline, your personnel can connect instantly and securely with WAVE. WAVE 2.0 Coming soon. Read more

WAVE Mobile communicator accessories
These accessories have been tested to work with the WAVE Mobile Communicator application used with WAVE 5000 PTT systems. Phone hardware and software versions are constantly evolving. Please check with your Motorola Solutions representative to confirm compatibility with your specific phone hardware and software configuration. Read more

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max
The next generation of trunking has arrived. MOTOTRBO Capacity Max blends real-world experience with technological innovation to deliver a communications solution that is tailor-made for your organisation. Read more

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus
Today more than ever, workers need to be productive to keep your business competitive. Handling shipments at a seaport, managing maintenance at a resort or serving fans at a major sports complex. Whether they’re repairing the heating system in the basement or unloading cargo at the receiving dock, they all need to exchange business-critical voice and data communications. Read more

MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus
Do you want to communicate to a large field force across a wide area with a scalable, easy to use system? Then Linked Capacity Plus is your cost effective solution. Linked Capacity Plus provides the essential features your business needs – such as integrated voice and data communication in a single site or across a wide area, without the use of a separate network controller. Read more

You want to connect your workforce as efficiently as possible. You expect your radios to be affordable but flexible, so they can evolve with you. Now there’s a portable that gives you great voice communications today, and a path to crisp and clear digital voice communications when you’re ready. Read more

With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, you’re better connected, safer and more productive. The DP4000e Series is designed for the skilled professional who refuses to compromise. With high performance integrated voice and data, and advanced features for efficient operation, these next-generation radios deliver complete connectivity to your organisation. Read more

The MOTOTRBOTM SL1600 provides reliable push-to-talk communication for the mobile, everyday user in an ultra-slim and rugged profile. Whether you’re coordinating stewards at an event or managing workers in the field, the SL1600 is boldly designed to keep you efficiently connected. Read more

Introducing the LEX L11 Mission-Critical LTE Device, designed for public safety users. Every feature and function has been thoughtfully considered in this rugged device to make it easy to operate. It boasts loud and clear audio, intuitive operation, and long battery life. Rugged and durable yet streamlined and slim, you can count on the LEX L11 to perform when it’s needed most. Read more

Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network* with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE two-way radio gets your team connected fast. Read more

Rug Gear RG725
RG725 delivers advanced durability in extreme conditions keeping the crew connected whenever and wherever. Fit for purpose with Push-to-talk (PTT), RG725 features a dedicated channel knob and PTT button as well as a screwable 13-pin PTT headset connector. Along with extremely loud speaker (>105 dB), this built-for-PTT design makes communication a breeze. An exchangeable 5000 mAh long lasting battery will support your business with ultimate reliability. Read more

Rug Gear RG650
Featuring an 18:9 immersive “Edge-to-edge” display, RG650 is the phone to support you in demanding work and leisure. Excellent outdoor readability of over 500 nits – extra loud audio (approx 95dB), and resistance to elements and extremes like 1.5m drops and water submersion (IP68), all these features combine together to deliver an incredibly dependable and stylish experience to your outdoor adventures. Read more