• TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2 has been released

  • Airsys is pleased to announce that a new version of TRBOnet Enterprise is now available for download. The release 5.2 combines many new features and improvements such as IP cameras support, improved job management and more. This will make your experience with MOTOTRBO radios more beneficial.

    Job Ticketing Update
    The remastered version gives users flexibility to create and assign tasks from a radio unit.

    Support for Wave Mobile Clients (TRBOnet PLUS)
    You can now use Wave mobile clients with TRBOnet, the 5.2 update provides interoperability for both voice and GPS tracking.

    Expanded Alarm Management
    TRBOnet now provides two-tone paging for older systems.
    Support for IP Cameras
    TRBOnet’s IP Cameras integration gives one the opportunity to look at the events happening miles away without leaving their seat.

    You can now stream live video from IP cameras connected to your IP network right onto the dispatch console. These IP cameras can be linked to a radio or iBeacon so in the event of an emergency you will see the video coming from the corresponding camera.

    TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2 supports IP cameras operating with the RTSP protocol
    A camera is linked to a specific point on a map, a subscriber unit, or an iBeacon transmitter
    In the event of alarm a video stream will be displayed from the associated camera