• Moving in the right direction

  • On behalf of everyone at Airsys and Motorola Solutions, we would like to thank everyone who attended our Strategic Marketing Workshop in Oxford and Leeds.

    To grow your business, Airsys and Motorola Solutions collaborated to bring a strategic marketing workshop to Motorola Solutions Empowered Partners that was specifically designed to create, develop and extend marketing capabilities.

    The turnout for the event was great and we hope attendees gained vital skills to develop new and existing marketing opportunities.

    During the workshop, we discussed:

    • Marketing planning
    • Motorola Solutions Empower benefits
    • Traditional marketing in the digital age
    • Motorola Solutions Marketing Accelerator
    • Succeed with Digital Marketing
    Presentations were presented by James Dobson, Airsys Marketing Manager, Lence Labourg, Motorola Solutions EMEA Channel Marketing Manager and special guest speaker Jonathan Saipe, founder of Emarketeers.

    Discover the power of a partner and become a Motorola Solutions Empower Partner today with Airsys to benefit from our next joint venture. Contact marketing@airsys.co.uk
    Growth: Motorola Solutions provide the resources, tools and support you need to build your pipeline, close deals and take advantage of new opportunities
    Value: Motorola Solutions reward you for investing in your relationship with us
    Differentiation: Your status in PartnerEmpower helps you stand apart from competitors
    Expertise: Motorola Solutions recognize your competency in technologies and key markets, and we help to strengthen your team's skills.

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