• New Multiband Vehicle Antennas

  • Airsys is pleased to announce the release of the ProFin Multi-Function Low Profile Antenna from Amphenol Private Networks.

    The current need for a wide variety of radio communications in vehicles demands multiple antennas that require time consuming installations and possibly introduce performance issues.

    The new ProFin G1 and ProFin G2 Multi-Function Low Profile Antennas from APN are designed to simplify this task and provide the user with consistent, high quality radio performance from a single unit. Supporting UHF, 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi and Navigation bands, the ProFin is also capable of carrying a whip antenna for FM, VHF or UHF.

    • In-built 4G antenna (698 – 690MHz, 1710 – 2700MHz)
    • In built GNSS antenna (GPS L1, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo)
    • In-built dual WiFi antenna (2.4 / 5.8GHz)
    • Optional in-built UHF antenna (380 – 470MHz in 3 bands)
    • Optional VHF / UHF external whip (supports 66MHz – 6GHz)
    • Optional second GPS L1 antenna
    • Multiple output cables; no diplexer required
    • Bundled cable harness available

    Today's service and first responder vehicles often carry a wide variety of radio equipment, connecting the vehicle systems and personnel to the many communications services which permit modern speed and efficiency across a broad range of public and private services.

    This scenario presents a challenge to the radio installer; to fit the multiple antennas required to support several radio services, often across a wide variety of vehicles, and often on a large scale. It is difficult to guarantee that they all will perform reliably, without interfering with each other, unless expensive and time-consuming tests are made for each installation. Also, with each extra antenna added, a new potential point of failure is introduced to the radio system and vehicle integrity.

    The ProFin G1 and ProFin G2 multiband low-profile antennas vastly simplify the process of deploying multiple radio services in a vehicle, offering a flexible solution that can cater for most requirements with a single installation. 

    Using the ProFin antenna solution guarantees continuity of antenna performance across installations, minimises installation time and gives you the high level of performance you can expect from a Procom mobile antenna.

    Contact your account manager for more information or sales@airsys.co.uk