• Airsys Acceleration: The Partner Sales Academy

  • Our unique workshops will enable your sales team to adapt, achieve, win and shape your sale objectives. With customers responding to specialised and niche offerings, we must mark out fresh distinctive values to achieve success. If the value we offer changes, so too should be our approach.

    Our sales academy will help your sales team achieve ambitious sales objectives. It's what our B2B sales clients do when they have taken our masterclasses. By learning to consult like a professional they will gain the trust of the right people, sustain best practice opportunities campaigns and account management methods and create
    winning proposals.

    Furthermore, sales teams will learn to analyse business issues, political and competitive factors, collaborate with the client to shape the solution/value of specific live opportunities, and define strategies to win these specific deals.

    Workshops include:
    • The Selling Masterclass
    • The Prospecting and Access to Executives Masterclass
    • The ‘Sales Proposals That Rock!’ Masterclass
    • The Value Consulting Skills Workshop

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