• Body-worn cameras to be compulsory for bailiffs

  • The Ministry of Justice have announced that body-worn cameras are to be compulsory for bailiffs. The move which will affect England and Wales only, is part of an overall plan to reform the industry; High Court enforcement officers will also be required to wear cameras.

    "Whilst most bailiffs act above board, body-worn cameras will provide greater security for all involved”

    The exact date of when this will be enforced had not been given, but it is estimated that around 2,500 certificated enforcement agents or bailiffs will be required to wear a body-worn camera.

    Available from Airsys are two body-worn cameras recently released by Motorola Solutions. Both are ideal in any situation and provide the coverage when needed most.

    Edesix VB-320

    The VB-300 series of Body Worn Cameras represent the first generation of WiFi enabled Video Badges. With a 130° horizontal field of view, day & night recording capability, RFID touch assign enabled and integrated pre-record function, VB-320 is able to record unrivalled footage of ongoing incidents.

    Key Features

    EASY TO USE: Simply push front button to start and stop recording

    SECURE: The video and audio is kept securely on the camera with no removable SD card, and is encrypted

    BOOKMARKING: Indicate key moments in your recording as they occur, for later review

    FRONT FACING LED: A clear and visible indication that footage is being recorded

    WIDE ANGLED LENS: Wide angle, 130° horizontal field of view

    AUDIO CAPTURE: Standard audio configuration is near field capture with background noise reduction


    The VideoTag VT-50 incident recorder is the latest in Body Worn Camera solutions. Designed to complement your over-arching security function, this light-weight, discreet and easy to use camera can be worn as part of staff uniform, ready to record at a moment’s notice.

    Key Features

    EASY TO USE: Automatic RFID assign and one-push activation means the VT-50 is simple in its use
    WI-FI ENABLED: Share footage instantly over Wi-Fi to allow for instant response
    BATTERY-LIFE: The VT-50 can remain on stand-by for up to six months prior to activation
    ONSTREAM COMPATIBLE: VT-50 footage can integrate with any ONVIF compliant VMS via ONStream, showing your static CCTV and body worn footage as one
    AUDIO CAPTURE: Standard audio configuration is near field capture with background noise reduction

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