• New from Motorola Solutions

  • Motorola Solutions are pleased to announce that seedstock of the new version of CLPe Series radio are available to order.

    This new version of the radio has been enhanced to offer all day performance and new functionality.

    clpe-01.jpgAdvantages and unique selling points of the CLPe Series include:

    Extended battery life
    All sixteen PMR446 channels*
    1W licensed version with repeater compatibility
    Enhanced features including full audio mute and enhanced glow ring
    Redesigned earpiece

    The CLPe Series is small, lightweight and easy to use with simple one-button push-to-talk (PTT) operation for communication in an instant. Quickly check essential radio information at a glance with the smart status glow ring, and reduce missed messages with louder and clearer audio for precise communication between users. All this performance is protected by a rugged radio housing and long lasting battery.

    The CLPe Series is ready to be customised to your work environment with licensed and unlicensed radio models and a range of radio accessories including different chargers, carry options and earpieces.
    From back-of-the-house to front of the store, the CLPe Series has evolved to be an even more stylish device providing essential team communication all day, every day.

    For more information please contact our sales team

    Airsys UK&I Sales Team: +44 (0)23 8071 8713 sales.uki@airsys.com
    Airsys Europe Sales Team: +31(0)475-252041 sales.europe@airsys.com  

    Also available

    PMLN8077-(1).jpgNEW! IN-LINE PTT EARPIECE - PMLN8077
    Exclusively designed for the CLPe Series, this advanced earpiece offers refined earhook configuration for better audio engagement and increased comfort, add-on ear tip for secure fit and better isolation, and new mechanism for ease of connection/removal and extended accessory life.


    Centrally located around the oversized PTT button. 8 colours to indicate active channel, radio transmit & receive, scan, volume level, mute, and battery status. Easy to understand visual feedback helps the user check radio status with one glance and spend less time focusing on the radio and more time focusing on the guest.

    Extended battery life helps you forget changing batteries between shifts and instead focus on communication and collaboration through the entire shift. Redesigned radio housing meets IP54 rating and Military Standard 810 H. It has been tested against shock, dust, vibration and water extremes so you can confidently operate the radio in tough retail and hospitality conditions knowing that your investment is protected.


    1W higher power licensed model offers expanded range covering large retail premises and can reach even further with the use of a repeater. With a Motorola Solutions repeater you can stay in touch with your team and in control of your business across 23,200 m2 / 20 floors.

    There are 16 channels allowed in the PMR446 space. Units will continue to ship from Motorola Solutions with 8 frequencies programmed at the factory (default settings) and additional 8 channels can be enabled via CPS and a free licence key. You must ensure local regulations allow use of the additional frequencies before enabling them.

    Also available

    Audio Accessories

    Sleek yet robust CLPe audio accessories are comfortable for extended wear
    Sales Model  Description
    PMLN8125  CLPe in-line PTT earpiece, short cord***
    PMLN8190  CLPe Surveillance earpiece***
    PMLN8068    CLPe earpiece replacement ear tip (5 pack), Small***
    PMLN8069  CLPe earpiece replacement ear tip (5 pack), Medium***
    PMLN8070    CLPe earpiece replacement ear tip (5 pack), Large***

    Carry Accessories

    Flexible carry accessories give you the freedom to wear CLPe your way

    Sales Model  Description
    PMLN8064  CLPe Series magnetic case kit***
    PMLN8065 CLPe Series belt clip holster replacement kit

    Batteries, Chargers and  Cables

    Extend the value of previously purchased CLP chargers and cables by using them with your new CLPe Series models
    Sales Model  Description
    HKNN4013  Li-Ion Battery, 1800 mAh, kit
    IXPN4028  CLPe Series Single Unit Charger replacement kit****
    IXPN4029    CLPe Series Multi-unit Charger kit
    HKKN4027  Business radio CPS cable kit for device programming
    HKKN4028    Business radio cloning cable kit for copying settings between radios

    *Restricted to 8 channels in Russia by law. Please refer to user guide. Only 446.0–446.1 MHz analogue frequencies are available by default. 446.1–446.2 MHz analogue frequencies should only be used in countries where these frequencies are allowed by government authorities.

    **Not available in Ukraine

    ***Accessory operates exclusively with CLPe Series models. Not backwards compatible.

    ****Use CLPe with IXPN4028B and newer.