• Motorola Solutions CPS v16.0 Build 823 has now been released.

  • This new system release is available to download via the technical resource centre on the Airsys website. Need an account? Contact your Account Manager today.

    New Capacity Max Features

    Shared Frequency Control Channel

    It allows customer who do not have dedicated channel(s) at one or more sites to have Capacity Max system, such as a Capacity Plus system can be replaced by Capacity Max when this feature is enabled. Also the fault tolerance of a Capacity Max’s site having less than four dedicated channels can be improved by configuring a shared channel as a candidate control channel.

    Enhanced Telephony

    Using the DMR industry-standard signaling method (Access Code and Phone Number Digits on the control channel) through the MNIS VRC Gateway, Allows customers on Capacity Max systems to make DMR industry-standard compliant calls to a landline phone, in addition to receiving compliant individual/group calls from a landline phone.

    Call Priority

    It allows a Capacity Max user to escalate the priority of the initiating call. If an idle channel is not available at one or more associated sites, the high priority call can preempt and take over the trunk channels occupied by a Normal priority call.

    This feature supports the escalation of voice call, telephony call, remote monitor as well as data calls.

    Talkgroup Subscription Option

    Added a CPS/RM option to disable Talkgroup Subscription in Capacity Max Open mode. This allows a dealer to turn off this feature on 3rd party systems that does not support this feature.

    New Infrastructure Features


    The MOTOTRBO Link feature enables over-the-air backhaul via SLR repeaters in a multi-site IP Site Connect system. This functionality is useful in areas where no site link connectivity exists. To use MOTOTRBO Link, only SLR repeaters can be used in the IP Site Connect network and the backhaul chain.

    Enhanced Channel Change

    Enables the ability to rapidly change from one channel to another (analog to analog only or digital
    to digital only) on a SLR repeater in a single site conventional or IP Site Connect system.

    New Radio Features

    Certificate Based Wi-Fi Access (WPA-Enterprise 802.1x)

    Added WPA/WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi Support allowing Wi-Fi enabled MOTOTRBO radios to access certificate based WiFi networks. Supports certificate management via Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol and enrollment via a WPA-PSK network.

    BT Volume Up Down AT Commands

    Add Bluetooth AT Commands for Volume Up/Down. Supported accessories are now able to adjust radio volume.

    Support for 3M Peltor BT PTT protocol

    Support the Bluetooth PTT protocol from 3M Peltor for their WS ProTac XP and WS Alert XPI series of accessories. Radio must enable the BT ACCESSORY COMMAND CFS feature for this to work.