• Great promotion from Motorola Solutions

  • Q. Name something new the Motorola Solutions XT460 and XT660d have in common? 

    A. The price!

    Airsys is pleased to introduce the following Motorola Solutions promotion. For a limited time, the Motorola Solutions XT660 is available at the same price as the equivalent XT460; meaning great value for you and your customers.

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    The XT660d is ideal for organisations that understand instant communication is a competitive advantage. Designed to work at the speed of business, XT660d radio is packed with features that keep your team connected and productive with:

    • Enhanced calling in digital mode
    • Monitor and control target radios remotely
    • Full keypad for text messaging
    • Record and play back audio
    • 1.5W audio output
    • Mixed fleet capable in analogue mode
    • LCD display

    XT660-01-(1).jpgCall a single person, a group, or the entire organisation at once. It is easy to streamline your communications with enhanced digital calling. Remotely monitor your radios, send call alerts, and even disable radios if they are lost. Remote management makes it easy. The XT660d also comes with a full keypad for text messaging, the ability to record and play back conversations, and crystal clear digital audio for flawless communication.

    Featured Accessories

    • Carry Holster
    • Single and Multi-Unit Chargers
    • Leather Carry Case
    • Standard and High Capacity Batteries
    • Remote Speaker Microphone with Push To Talk button
    • Earbud with In-line Microphone and PTT
    • Swivel Earpiece with In-line Microphone and PTT
    • D-Style Earpiece with In-line Microphone and PTT

    Terms and Conditions
    • Airsys reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time
    • Prices only whilst stocks last
    • Prices for UK and Ireland customers only