• Meet the Airsys technical team

  • The Airsys technical team (from left to right: Tom Grady, David Ellwood, Dean Simper and Daniel Lucas) can complement your service offering by providing real value with their full end-to-end service. By working with you, the team will assist in the design, configuration and implementation of a wide range of solutions to meet your customer’s requirements.

    Tom Grady is our RF and DMR expert. His knowledge and expertise in this industry is invaluable.

    David Ellwood is our senior engineer employed to be customer facing and work with resellers in designing systems.

    Dean Simper supports all members of the technical team and runs the workshop’s day-to-day activities.

    Daniel Lucas is our networking engineer employed to design and aid resellers with system and WAVE solutions.

    With our specially commissioned Airsys Demonstration Suite and Airsys Demonstration Vehicle, the team can provide a fully functional training environment in-house or onsite.

    Airsys recently welcomed to our Airsys Demonstration Suite, a key client for a product overview on Wave 5000. David Ellwood, Technical Account Manager and Tom Grady, Technical Manager provided a product overview in our fully functional demonstration suite.

    With the suite designed to meet the requirements of our customers, we have the ability to showcase hardware and software benefits and functionalities with our extensive product range.

    Our Airsys Demonstration Suite is just one of the value adds our technical team provide in their successful and forward thinking approach.

    Airsys Demonstration Suite