• Motorola CPS v15.0 Build 755 ‘Full Version’

  • Motorola Solutions have released a new version of the Motorola CPS v15.0 Build 755 ‘Full Version’.
    This updates the radio manager feature in the full version, being relevant only for Capacity Max and over the air reprogramming. The existing Motorola CPS v15.0 Build 754 ‘standalone version’ using only straightforward radio programming remains as the current version.
    This new version is available to download in the Airsys Technical Resources for registered dealers.
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    The Airsys Technical Resources centre is our dedicated platform where registered user can download the latest programming software, firmware, basic service manuals. With our dedicated Airsys technical team, we can complement your service by providing value with our full end-to-end service. By working with you, the team will design, configure and implement a wide range of solutions to meet your customer’s requirements.