• Wearing the correct hearing protection device

  • Exposure to loud noises can adversely affect the ability to hear over time.  Anyone can be exposed to excessive noise levels including those working in factories, handling tools or construction. Wearing the correct hearing protection device can help in reducing the harmful effects of noise.

    According to Health and Safety Executive (www.hse.gov.uk), the law require employers to:

    • Provide your employees with hearing protectors if they ask for it and their noise exposure is between the lower and upper exposure action values
    • Provide your employees with hearing protectors and make sure they use them properly when their noise exposure exceeds the upper exposure action values
    • Identify hearing protection zones, ie areas where the use of hearing protection is compulsory, and mark them with signs if possible
    • Provide your employees with training and information on how to use and care for the hearing protectors
    • Ensure that the hearing protectors are properly used and maintained.
    • While it is important to protect your workforce with the use of an appropriate head protection device, it is equally important to ensure these headsets are kept to a high hygienic level.

    It is recommend that the foam inserts used within headsets are not shared between users and replaced every six months or whenever they become damaged. By doing this, it could extend the life cycle of the headset, ensure good functionality and avoid the user wearing an uncomfortable product.

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