• The Airsys Technical Services Platform is a professional services that encompass the full lifecycle of a customer’s project. The platform has been developed and refined to ensure that it performs to the high quality to give a competitive edge.

  • The Airsys Technical Services Platform will work with you as a partner to develop a clear understanding of your customers requirements to create a clear strategy moving forward:

  • Envision

  • Through our state of the art technical office, we are able to demonstrate relevant product, provide training and create individual solutions.
  • The Envision service comprises of:

  • Solution Architecture and Engineering services

  • End user engagement

  • Assess

    The assess service is designed to quality control our technical solutions. It operates to ensure best practices are meet and is offered by:


    Our design service ensure the conceptual solution can be used as a functional asset. Working with our solution architects and technical design authority teams, Airsys offer in depth solution architecture and fleetmapping definition.


    The delivery service takes the work from the Assess and Design phase to build the required infrastructure to the highest standard set by our industry certified engineers and consultants. This encompasses of:

  • Project management from initial discussions to completion

  • Programming services

  • Assistance with customer acceptance

  • Early in life issue resolution

  • In life reconfiguration

  • Later system additions and modifications

  • Certain documentation by arrangement

  • Training, both user and technical

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