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Telo Systems TE300

✓ GPS Location  ✓ Long-lasting battery  ✓ Channel Knob​ ✓ Dedicated push-to-talk button​

teloproductimage-telo300.pngProduct Details

Instant communications to speed up the conversation. Broadband connectivity to expand coverage worldwide.

•  Channel Knob: Radio like feature for convenient channel selection.
•  Audible channel change notification
•  Android 6
•  Navigation: Supporting both GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning systems.
•  Long-lasting battery

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TE300 Data Sheet 




Battery  3600mAh
Weight 220g
Memory 512M DDR3 + 4G ROM
Dimensions (H x W x D) 121 x 56.5 x 28.5mm
IP rating IP67



Airsys is pleased to provide a 40% discount off list price for selected Telo system devices.

Terms and conditions apply. Please speak to the Airsys team for more information.



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•  Instant communication between two-way radio and cellular devices across different manufacturers
•  Expansion of existing systems providing global reach
•  Your choice data plan
•  Secure communication
•  Fast call set-up
•  Low set up costs
•  Low maintenance
•  High level of acceptance among users

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