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Picture2.pngDo you want to wow your customers with the Motorola Solutions innovation centre in central London with the latest two-way radio technologies?

The innovation centre is available for Motorola Solutions PartnerEmpower resellers to strengthen business relationships, grow technical knowledge, provide demonstrations and much more.

Do your employees or customers require hands-on training/demonstration on the latest technologies and solutions from across the Motorola Solutions entire portfolio?

The Motorola Solutions London Innovation Centre showcases technologies and solutions from across their entire portfolio that deliver critical communications, control room software systems and video surveillance and analytics that your customers can rely on.

Do you want to experience live demonstrations covering end user workflows and the operational management of DIMETRA TETRA, MOTOTRBO DMR and Broadband Push-to-Talk Systems?

From the front line to the back office, and everything in between, public agencies and commercial organisations rely on technology from Motorola Solutions to boost performance and enhance safety.

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The purpose of the centre is for:

Current experiences being showcased within the Innovation Centre

Scalable Systems

Learn about Motorola Solutions scalable, standards-based Land Mobile Radio and Broadband Solutions for public safety and commercial organisations. Experience live demonstrations covering end user workflows and the operational management of DIMETRATMTETRA, MOTOTRBOTM DMR and Broadband Push-to-Talk Systems.

Available for demonstration
  • DMR
  • Broadband Push-to-Talk Systems

Small Systems

Motorola Solutions offer a range of small systems deployment options, based on thier proven, high performance MOTOTRBO and DIMETRA technology platforms. Explore thier end-to-end solutions and find out how WAVETM connects your team at the push of a button across different networks and devices.

Available for demonstration
  • Dimetra Express TETRA System
  • MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Digital Trunking Solution
  • Control Room Solutions
  • Network Management Tools
  • WAVE Broadband Push-to-Talk

Command Centre Software

Motorola Solutions Command Centre software suite provides users across your entire operation with a unified, intuitive experience and intelligent capabilities designed specifically for their needs. Learn about how artificial intelligence, mobility and cloud are streamlining workflows and transforming public safety operations.

Available for demonstration
  • Avigilon Video Surveillance and Analytics
  • Commandcentral Aware Real-Time Situational Intelligence
  • Commandcentral Vault Digital Evidence Management
  • Commandentral Control Room Solution
  • Computer Aided Dispatch

Devices and Accessories

Explore Motorola Solutions comprehensive portfolio which spans a wide range of needs from professional users through to consumers. Find out about their advanced charging and programming solutions that help you to optimise battery life cycles and reduce operational costs.

Available for demonstration
  • TALKABOUT Consumer Radios
  • PMR446 Unlicensed Business Radios
  • MOTOTRBO Radios and Accessories
  • TETRA Radios and Accessories
  • LTE Devices
  • Charging and Programming Solutions

Front Line Safety and Productivity

Our front line communication solutions give you teams the power to access information and collaborate in real time so that they can operate safely and more efficiently in the field. Learn about our broad range of solutions, including in-vehicle options, spanning TETRA, DMR and LTE.

Available for demonstration
  • In-vehicle Devices and Accessories
  • Mobile Data Platforms
  • Body Worn Camera Solutions

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