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Airsys is pleased to announce that the Edesix Body Worn Camera Solutions are now available to buy.
Edesix Body Worn Camera Solutions are a range of easily deployable body worn camera devices scalable to meet the needs of a work force with large complex data storage requirements down to the simpler use of a single remote worker. All products have been designed to provide users with a full solution to fit their needs, infrastructure and industry.



Edesix provides you with VideoManager, the most advanced software tool for managing video footage, system users, and your suite of wearable cameras.

This web-based back-office gives you complete control over your entire complement of VideoBadges, as well as footage from third party cameras, making the creation of evidence-ready footage fast, simple and secure. 

Regardless of whether you have chosen a Cloud or Enterprise service, Edesix’s VideoManager prioritises both usability and functionality - a simple, intuitive UI allows for minimal training, while still retaining all the key features necessary for evidential processing.

Key Features


Audit logs let you track every user action performed on VideoManager. Two-Factor Authentication protects against unauthorised user access and Access Control Keys stop unauthorised devices connecting to VideoManager.


Defined user permissions can be tailored to control system access while collaboration and sharing functionality streamlines incident creation. Footage deletion policies can be set to suit the needs of your organisation.


VideoManager's ONStream allows live streaming from the VB-320 and VideoTag cameras directly to your VMS. Viewing your Body Worn Camera and CCTV footage together lets you respond quickly to events as they unfold.


Quickly create evidence-ready footage using VideoManager’s redaction tools without altering the original footage. VideoManager lets you collate evidential footage using non-video media to build compelling incident collections.


VideoTag-VT-50.pngVideoManager Cloud Service
Edesix’s cloud service requires no software downloads or additional IT infrastructure. VideoManager has browser-based access that can be used anywhere with a network Connection.

Edesix gives you the latest firmware and software as soon as it has released, as well as exclusive features which aren’t available anywhere else - such as email and SMS notifications.

Edesix’s cloud service has all licenced features built-in, and automatically renewed, as well as coming with full Software Assurance. You don’t need to manually update licences or device images, and you’ll always be up to date, ensuring you comply with current GDPR regulations.


With cloud service ultra, the number of cameras and users on an instance of VideoManager is limitless. The service is managed and scaled by Edesix for an organisation of any size, without any customer intervention.


Grow with training: Edesix

Throughout the year Airsys runs structured instructor lead courses designed specifically for the two-way radio industry. Our training facilities are purpose made and fully equipped with the latest two-way radio technology.  Best of all, we keep the trainee capacity low to encourage interaction between trainer and trainees.
Edesix Course
Understand all there is to know from the Edesix cameras to grow your business with our Edesix Course.

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Edesix Body Worn Camera Solutions is an open product classification under the Motorola Solutions ParnerEmpower Professional and Commercial Radio Technology Segment. All resellers with access to this Technology Segment will automatically receive access to these new products. 

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