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globalview.jpgGlobalView: R-LinX
R-LinX is a clever little alarm handler, capable of sending alerts to your two-way radio, smartphone, email and workstation alert.

Integrating alarms, alerts and call buttons to your radios is as easy as 1,2,3. Available in 3 simple variations, R-LinX is suited to all budgets and requirements.


Utilities_Z4U7704-(1).jpgGlobalView Demonstration pack

Maximise the potential of your radio solution with our GlobalView demonstration pack. Our packs contain the necessary elements for you to demonstrate all the benefits of R-LinX to your current and potential customers; and with the quick start guide, you will be ready to go instantly.

Why R-LinX?

All your critical information at your fingertips
Never miss an alert
Build your own customized alert strategy
Quickly discover false alarms
Installed with the minimum of disruption
Peace of mind for you and your workers


Demonstration pack includes

1 x Heavy-Duty Flight Case 1 x Serial Emulator Cable (wired for contact closure)
1 x R-LinX Complete (s/n -xxxxx) 1 x IEC C13 Power Cable
1 x Gateway Radio DP4401e with battery and antenna (pre-programmed). (s/n -xxxxx) 1 x Demonstration Interface
1 x Alarm Receiving Radio DP4801e with battery and antenna (pre-programmed). (s/n -xxxxx) 1 x Demonstration Interface Diagram (contact closure notations)
1 x Radio to R-LinX interface/programming cable 1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Wi-Fi Button (s/n -xxxxx MAC -xxxxx) 1 x USB (holds additional documentation and software)
1 x Proximity Card 1 x USB Sim Card Dongle
1 x Proximity Card with Mag Strip
  • 1 x BT 3G Mobile Sim Card (installed into USB Sim Card Dongle)
1 x Key Fob  

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