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At the park with kids, on the beach with friends or a keen adventurer enjoying a day out, Talkabout walkie-talkies from Motorola Solutions are a great way to keep in touch.

With Easy Pairing and 16 license free channels, these walkie-talkies are the ultimate gadget for your customers who are serious about style and simple communication. 

Talkabout walkie-talkies deliver dependable, instant communications hands-free or at the touch of a button allowing users to live, enjoy and conquer every moment.

range-01.pngT42 Enjoy every moment

Simple, easy, fun. Camping, exploring, on the beach or just playing in the garden, the TALKABOUT T42 walkie-talkie is perfect for staying in touch when at home or out and about.

•  PMR446 radios - license free 
•  Easy Pairing 
•  Low battery warning 
•  Personalisation stickers
•  16 channels

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range-02.pngT62 Live every moment

Fully featured, tough and stylish, the TALKABOUT T62 walkie-talkie is the ideal way to stay connected during outdoor adventures.

•  PMR446 radios - license free
•  Easy Pairing 
•  Backlit display 
•  16 channels plus 121 privacy codes
•  Dual power
•  USB charging

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range-03.pngT82 Conquer every moment

The TALKABOUT T82 is the perfect partner for your next adventure. Durable, with an IPx2 rating, the T82 can take the drops and splashes you’re likely to encounter on your treks. 

•  PMR446 radios - license free 
•  Splash proof IPx2 
•  LED torch 
•  Easy Pairing
•  Hidden display
•  16 channels plus 121 privacy codes

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range-04.pngT82 Extreme Conquer every moment

The TALKABOUT T82 Extreme is the rugged travel companion you need on all your wildest adventures. With an IPx4 rating, the T82 Extreme is weatherproof – able to withstand the harshest environments.

•  PMR446 radios - license free 
•  Easy Pairing 
•  LED torch 
•  16 channels plus 121 privacy codes
•  Weatherproof IPx4
•  Hidden display

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T92 H20 Seize every moment 

Floating waterproof design, rugged construction and up to 10km range, the T92 H2O keeps you connected with family and friends. 

•  PMR446 radios - license free 
•  Floats face up
•  Water-activated torch
•  16 channels plus 121 privacy codes
•  Waterproof IP67
•  Dual power / USB charging

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Pair and go. With simple, one-touch functionality, Easy Pairing lets the user  programme all of their radios to the same channel and code simultaneously to spend less time preparing, and more time exploring.

Loud, clear and instant, Push-to-talk (PTT) functionality means calling is quick and easy. Just press the button and talk - no waiting for dial tones or for calls to connect. 

Talkabout radios utilise PMR446 frequencies for easy, cost effective operations with no subscription or call charges. Talkabout radios are also compatible with any other radio operating on the same PMR446 frequencies. 

More channels gives more choice and reduced interference from other radio users so messages can get through first time.

Go further with Talkabout and TLKR walkie-talkie accessories

Unlock the potential of your walkie-talkies with a full range of accessories that help you go further. Batteries and chargers to keep you powered up. Headphones, earpieces and microphones help you hear and be heard more clearly. And convenient carry cases and accessories let you keep adventuring hands-free and worry-free.

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At Airsys we have made significant investment in our demonstration packs to enable our resellers the opportunity to trial, test and showcase equipment free of charge.

Our Airsys 446 Demonstration Pack includes:

• 1x T42
• 1x T62
• 1x T82
• 1x T82 Extreme
• 1x T92 H20
• 1x XT180
• 1x XT420
• 1x XT460

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