Professional Push-To-Talk      

                                 Communication Over Broadband Solution      


TASSTA provide innovative PTT (Push-to-Talk) solution for PoC/IP users that is meeting all requirements in respect of communication, organization and security. All features of digital mobile communication are conserved and will be usable on common Smartphones, Tablets and PCs.

In 2018 Airsys and TASSTA have announced an exclusive partnership in the UK market to offer a modern Push-To-Talk solution which uses all technical capacities of ordinary Smartphones.



The T.FLEX is an application designed for portable touchscreen devices such as Smartphones or tablets running on IP networks  (2G/3G/4G and WiFi). It grants users maximum operational capability with a modern User Interface and keeps high availability even on slow data networks.


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The T.RODON is a desktop application. It grants users a fully featured dispatch solution which brings the TASSTA solution to the highest professional level of communication.


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TR.Pro provides a dispatching solution including all main PMR system features. The TR.Pro application is based on T.Bridge middleware technology plus T.Rodon. Easy-to-use and easy-to-scale. TR.Pro is designed for PMR radio networks for voice (group and individual calls), messaging (including status messaging), GPS Localization and Emergency.


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The T.LION is a TASSTA Communication Server - the main component of the overall TASSTA communication network. It is the heart and brain of the system. It shares resources on requests between the clients and provides reliable communication with sub-second performance. Available as SaaS (Software as a Service) or as Stand Alone Installation..


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The T.BRIDGE is the TASSTA's Bridge to PMR networks. It is a professional middleware solution to integrate TASSTA with any professional mobile radio network. It is professional supplementary part of any T.RODON Command and Control Centre Solution.


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The T.RECORDER is a smart, reliable and easy-to-use TASSTA software solution for secure recording, rapid voice replaying and data communications in the TASSTA network.


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Modern communication technologies like TASSTA have a profound impact on a variety of business processes and help to improve the quality and efficiency of communication, and lower the costs. The use of advanced TASSTA communication solution can give an organization a competitive advantage. 


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