RugGear RG725     

Motorola Solutions WAVE

Resilient. Reliable. Robust. Rugged beyond military standards. Push-to-Talk optimised. Super clear audio. Extra bright torch. Long lasting battery. Award winning design. Meet the RugGear RG725.

WAVE_TLK100_-_Data_Sheet_-_EN-GB-(1)-01-01.pngDesigned for push-to-Talk

The RG725 has been designed with push-to-talk over cellular in mind. Built for enterprise uses, RG725 is pre-qualified for Motorola Solutions WAVE.

Push-to-talk button

Featuring a large push-to-talk button, and a dialer to fast switch channel for deployment, communicate instantly at the touch of a single button, to one or to many.


Advanced smart audio technology, front speaker design with boosted volume to >105dB@10cm, allowing you to hear in loud environments.



Rugged to the core – withstands drops of up to 1.5m, tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G – hyperlink) and IP68 rated


The 4-LED super bright torch (90 Lux) outshines its competitors (50 Lux for an iPhone X) and is optimised for use at night, or underground.


The powerful 5000 mAh battery provides an outstanding standby time of 420 hours and talk time of 12 hours. The battery can also be replaced easily, for even longer use.

adult-career-clean-209234.jpgReady for fleet use

The 6-bay multi-unit charger (optional) allows you to conveniently and efficiently charge six devices at the same time. This enables a clutter-free environment and featuring LED indicators for easy monitoring and power management, there’s always a full charge for the on-duty team.

Camera button

Record video instantly at the push of a button – ideal for security and surveillance workers.

Belt clip for use in active environments

The belt clip (optional) delivers a practical fit for communication even on the move. This coupled with RG725’s screw able Direct Radio Connect 13-pin PTT headset connector makes sure your team will be connected and comfortable in all situations.

Identification sticker dedicated space

An imprint space on the bottom of the phone has been specifically built to fit an identification sticker, which allows workers to identify their devices in a fleet of many similar devices. Many companies use identification stickers, however as they protrude outwards, they quickly rub off due to friction. The indented space is designed specifically to enable a sticker to stay there for the life of the device.  


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