Motorola Solutions WAVE 2019 Review     

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2019 saw Motorola Solutions launch its Broadband Push-to-Talk solution WAVE into the channel.
Throughout the year, Airsys made significant investment in its business to support its resellers with this new opportunity.

WAVE_TLK100_-_Data_Sheet_-_EN-GB-(1)-01-01.pngWhy WAVE?
With its instant communication, Europe-wide service and predictable costs, Motorola Solutions WAVE can be the solutions were before there was none.

What is WAVE?
WAVE is a network-independent Broadband Push-to-Talk (BBPTT) subscription service from Motorola Solutions. It uses the cloud to extend two-way radio communication to cellular devices, tablets and PCs. By eliminating the barriers between devices, networks and locations, WAVE lets everyone be part of the conversation.

Airsys and WAVE
Airsys supported the launch of WAVE in several key areas to ensure our resellers have the power to grow their business.

IMG_7637_rs_v3.pngTry before you buy:

In 2019, Airsys introduced the opportunity for resellers to try before they buy with our Motorola Solutions WAVE demonstration packs. In listening to the needs of the channel, Airsys developed two packs.

Option One Try before you buy: Airsys WAVE Demonstration pack

• 2 x Motorola Solutions TLK100 including wireless subscription
• 2 x Motorola Solutions TLK100 chargers
• 1 x Dispatcher
• 2 x Motorola Solutions WAVE apps

Option Two Try before you buy: Airsys WAVE Demonstration pack with gateway

• 2 x Motorola Solutions TLK100 including wireless subscription
• 2 x Motorola Solutions TLK100 chargers
• 1 x Dispatcher
• 2 x Motorola Solutions WAVE apps
• 1 x Gateway
• 1 x Gateway charger

demowave-01-01.pngYour opportunity

Resellers have been utilising the packs as it has given them the chance to trial and test the equipment to become market leaders in Broadband Push-to-Talk. The packs also offer the opportunity for resellers to use for customer meetings, exhibitions and training.

Our demonstration kits are presented in Motorola Solutions and Airsys branded peli cases, keeping everything safe, secure and easily accessible. Try before you buy

adult-career-clean-209234.jpgHire Motorola Solutions WAVE

At Airsys, we are able to provide resellers with not just the option to buy, but also the option to hire Motorola Solutions TLK100 with WAVE.

To complement our try before you buy offering, Airsys invested in its own WAVE hire fleet to be a cost effective solution as demands can be scaled to the requirements of our reseller’s customers. It provides proof of perception without the large upfront costs, making participation inexpensive and less uncertain.

Four great reasons to hire

1. The WAVE hire fleet has many benefits as it provides a drop-in communications solution tailored to the customer’s need.

2. This is a cost effective solution that is reliable and attractive for end users as it can meet their demands quickly.

3. Resellers have access to new technologies for proof of concept without the large upfront costs, making prospecting inexpensive.

4. There will be no need to pay the full cost of the asset upfront to establish new margins from customers who might not have previously invested in a two-way-radio solution. Motorola Solutions hire fleet from Airsys



This year has featured a vast array of Motorola Solutions and Airsys training courses. These were designed to provide clarification on Motorola Solutions products and services, as well as a comprehension of the technical benefits of both hardware and software.

Whether providing access to our 8,000 strong product portfolio on our B2B e-commerce platform or fulfilling orders with our next day delivery service, we are constantly looking to build your enterprise.

Grow with WAVE and Edesix Workshop Day.
15th October 2019, Oxford and 17th October 2019, Leeds.

Airsys held two Grow with WAVE and Edesix Workshop days to provide additional support that’s needed outside of delivering stock quickly and in good quality. These training courses helped to influence ambitious sales objectives to attain prospects produced from gaining the trust of the right people.

Grow with Demonstrations
22nd October 2019, London

Our Grow with Demonstrations day in 2019, enhanced our support of professional interactions, with a highlighted demonstration of the technical background of the products. The days promoted WAVE, TRBOnet and Dimetra Express/Capacity Max, whilst also introducing Edesix body cameras.

Airsys and Motorola Solutions PartnerEmpower Day
11th July 2019, Leicester

To discover new ways to grow market presence, drive sales leads, strengthen differentiation and build business, Airsys and Motorola Solutions held a Partner Empower Event. The event focused on several key areas but the focus of the day was WAVE with a presentation from Dan Faulkner, WAVE Offer Manager EMEA.

WAVE site visits

The Airsys Technical and Sales teams have conducted over 100 training sessions in 2019, in-house and at reseller’s sites. A large portion of these training sessions focused on Broadband Push-to-Talk and WAVE providing pre-sales support and product demonstration.

Primary_logo-01-01.pngDedicated WAVE specialists

This year also saw the introduction of Mike Wiltshire, Business Development Manager to the Airsys Broadband Push-to-Talk team. Mike has a wealth of experience in distribution and understands how a solution can be used in a divisive channel. Mike has joined Richard Webb, Director of Software Solutions and both are working together to focus on specialising and expanding WAVE. By doing so, Airsys offers the quality knowledge that is needed to progress WAVE which ultimately means that you always have the contact and support that you require. Contact for more information