• What is PMR446?

  • PMR446 offers license-free communication, making it accessible to everyone. But what is PMR446?

    PMR446 is a range of license-free frequencies, allowing unrestricted use for radio communications within the European Union. In the European Union, where most radio frequencies require licensing, PMR446 stands as an exception, promoting accessible and hassle-free communication.

    What Does PMR Stand For?
    PMR stands for Private Mobile Radio, emphasizing the privacy and mobility features of this radio communication technology.

    Why Do Some Radios Need a License to Use Them?
    The radio spectrum accommodates various services and technologies like television, mobile phones, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Licensing frequencies prevent interference, ensuring seamless operation of these technologies. PMR446, being license-exempt, offers a dedicated space for communication without regulatory constraints.

    What Are PMR Channels?
    Since 2018, PMR446 provides sixteen channels or frequencies ranging from 446.0MHz to 446.2MHz, with a 12.5KHz space between channels. This ensures clear communication, allowing users to switch channels to avoid interference.

    PMR446 Frequencies List
    The sixteen PMR446 frequencies are precisely spaced at 12.5KHz between 446.0MHz and 446.2MHz. For further details or inquiries, contact us at t: 023 8071 8713 or e: sales.uki@airsys.com.

    How Can I Explore PMR Opportunities for My Business?
    For inquiries about PMR opportunities or to learn more, feel free to contact us at t: 023 8071 8713 or e: sales.uki@airsys.com