• Airsys and Motorola Solutions Partnership Event

  • On Thursday 18th July 2019, Airsys and Motorola Solutions held their hawaiian themed partnership event featuring a one-day-only promotion.

    Airsys currently offer the XT660 at the same price as the XT460. On Thursday 18th July 2019, Airsys were pleased to announce that resellers would save a further £10 per XT660 on their current price for one-day-only. A host of resellers benefited from this great promotion, providing further proof of the great relationship between Motorola Solutions, Airsys and Reseller.

    Designed to give organisations a competitive advantage, the Motorola Solutions XT660 is a great two-way radio compatible in analogue and digital. It provides all the features needed to keep a team connected and productive.

    Say more. Do more.

    • Analogue and digital compatible
    • Target conversations
    • Monitor and manage personnel
    • Better with text
    • Capture conversations
    • Loud and clear audio
    • Works with others
    • Information at a glance

    The big give away

    The first 10 resellers who placed an order from 15:00 received an Airsys and Motorola Solutions goody bag. The order could be any value over £100 but it had to contain at least one Motorola Solutions product. Congratulations to everyone who received a goody bag.

    #TeamJack Charity Raffle

    Sadly in 2018 a close colleague's son from Motorola Solutions lost his battle with cancer. To support The Children's Hospital Charity that was so supportive to the family during this difficult time, and to the countless other families the charity is currently supporting, Airsys launched during the day the #TeamJack Charity Raffle.
    With some great prizes available, all money raised will be going to the charity and we thank everyone for their support.

    The raffle will take place Wednesday 18th September 2019
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    Ham and pinapple on a pizza?

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    • Offer for UK&I customers only
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