• Making it easy

  • Airsys has been busy over the past few months, making sure that its overall offering addresses all the needs of its partners, while eliminating or reducing many of their day-to-day issues.

    Within the two-way radio market a reseller’s priority is to provide fit for purpose equipment when it is needed most, often with technical assistance.

    Airsys’ priority is to provide a set of highly proactive resources and value adds for resellers to use when needed. Airsys’ value adds have been continually evolving over 25 years to compliment an ever changing market. With Brexit looming, economic pressures and technological advancements, Airsys has been investing heavily in all areas of its business to be one step ahead. As a result, these value adds are there to ensure its partners have the tools and resources available for any stage of a project.

    Airsys launched its B2B e-commerce platform and demonstration suite, in March 2018, to further add to its extensive product and service offering. It was designed to remove the elements of frustration that sometimes occur when ordering over a telephone or by email. By embracing technology seen in other sectors, Airsys has developed an online store that increases the speed, efficiency, and productivity of getting stock from A to B.

    Within a short period of time, Airsys has seen its B2B e-commerce platform used by a host of its registered resellers, with some orders being placed out of office opening times. This flexibility ensures that each reseller has complete control over their account, placing orders at a time convenient to them. In addition, with their online chat feature, Airsys has created an extra mode of communication between staff and customer.


    There are occasions when additional support is needed outside of delivering equipment quickly and in quantity. This is where the Airsys demonstration support steps in.

    The new Airsys Demonstration Suite is part of Airsys’ extended support facilities, including onsite or remote training in addition to the demonstration vehicle. Product demonstration is a great way to build familiarity and confidence in a proposed solution and to help close a sale. Airsys’ product demonstration facilities can be used to showcase the benefits and features of both hardware and software.

    Product courses

    Vendor-centric courses are the perfect way to learn about a specific product range. Airsys offer courses for Motorola Solutions, Kenwood, TASSTA, TRBOnet, Amphenol, and D3M.

    The next training course provided by Airsys, which will take place on the 30-31st of May 2018, is ‘Introducing two-way radio’. It has been designed to give new engineers and people working in sales and marketing the fundamental knowledge of the radio industry that they need if they are to be successful. It teaches the terminology and technologies involved in making two-way radio calls.

    Look out for training sessions on:

    • Radio networks for radio engineers
    • IP networks for radio engineers

    For a specific topic or network, a bespoke course can be built around the needs and requirements of the user.

    Airsys is pleased to announce its new partnership with TASSTA

    Communication continues to evolve and the two-way radio industry is no different. Airsys and TASSTA are proud to announce that they have formed a partnership making tomorrow’s technology available today. TASSTA’s solution provides companies with full flexibility by allowing them to use any combination of radio hardware. Its systems also help companies improve the efficiency of their operations, by enabling faster and more flexible communication. Read more


    *Next working day delivery is available for the majority of the UK mainland if orders are received and confirmed before 16:00pm