• Great promotion on selected Kenwood products from Airsys

  • Airsys is pleased to announce promotional prices for the TK-3501 Analogue PMR446, TK-3401D Digital dPMR446, TK-2000/3000 Analogue Professional and TK-D240/D340 Digital Professional DMR radios. Access your Airsys account for your dealer price.

    During this promotion, be sure to benefit from these great prices for a limited time.

    TK-3401-01.jpgTK-3501 Analogue PMR446 (UK use)
    Kenwood has been at the forefront of license-free two-way radio. Over the years the Kenwood Protalk has been one of the most popular 446 radios, with its ease of use and lightweight compact design, it’s the perfect radio for any vertical. Buy Now!

    TK-3401D Digital dPMR446
    Following on from the huge success of the TK-3501 the Protalk Digital changes the game with a new digital PMR446 radio. Key features are the 16 separate digital channels, increased range, clarity and security. Buy Now!

    tk-3000-01.jpgTK-2000/3000 Analogue Professional (UK use)
    With its slim, thin and lightweight design, the Kenwood TK-2000/3000 is supremely easy to handle and operate. Yet this handy compact radio is extremely reliable, and with its well-balanced performance, it makes perfect business sense -  especially for inventory control and service industry operations. Buy Now! 

    TK-D340-01.jpgTK-D240/D340 Digital Professional DMR
    Kenwood DMR entry level radio ticks all of the right boxes. It is rich with features and the level of performance makes it a great fit into a wide range of different verticals. As well as handling both analogue and digital communications the TK-D340 can even operate in direct mode without a repeater with a high tier Call Interrupt function. Buy Now!


    Kenwood offers one of the most comprehensive line-up of technologies, air-interface protocols and equipment for the reliable transmission and reception of voice and data in analogue and digital professional two-way radio communications.

    From the simplicity of license-free ProTalk® digital dPMR 446 and analogue  PMR 446 hand-portables, ProTalk DECT wireless intercom systems, through ETSI compliant dPMR and DMR devices and systems, digital and analogue ATEX IECEx Certified hand-portables to the ITU-R recognised, flexible and fully scalable NEXEDGE® NXDN™ digital two-way radio system; you’re sure to find the ideal two-way radio technology, protocol, device or system to meet your specific mission, operation and business critical requirements.

    At Airsys, we have made it our priority to fully understand the needs, wants and demands of our partners.

    Over the last 12 months at Airsys we have continued our great relationship with Kenwood in delivering solutions when they are needed most.

    With our one shop solution approach of providing a 360° range of products, services and training, Airsys has once again been awarded Kenwood UK Distributor of the year.
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    • Promotion valid to 31st December 2018
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