• Team BRIT

  • In 2010, Dave Player, a former Royal Engineer in the Army founded KartForce following rehabilitation from a debilitating spinal injury he suffered nine years earlier

    Dave wanted to work with injured troops returning to the UK by bringing his knowledge and guidance having successfully re-shaped and refocussed his life from a wheelchair.

    He established KartForce - a charity that enables injured military troops to access karting events, with the aim of supporting their recovery and rehabilitation - and set to work in designing a set of hand controls that could fit any kart, allowing drivers with a wide variety of disabilities to compete.

    Dave’s continual development of his innovative design for hand controls has reached the stage where today, its world-leading features have been instrumental in putting Team BRIT at the pinnacle of disability motorsport technology.

    Team BRIT was setup in 2015 as a branch of KartForce to give disabled drivers, many of whom are former or serving military troops, the opportunity to take the skills acquired in karts to the demanding and competitive world of endurance car racing. It is not a charity, but a competitive racing team and has already demonstrated that with the right support and development, disabled drivers can compete successfully against teams of able-bodied drivers on a totally level playing field — something that few other sports can do.

    The state-of-the-art KENWOOD radio system provided to Team BRIT is the same as the one supplied to the FIA World Endurance Championships and many of the top-flight teams competing at Le Mans which means whatever disabilities our drivers have to cope with, the radio system and team communications won’t be an additional burden they have to carry.
    "The great thing about the KENWOOD system is that it does everything a race team needs"
    Race Engineer and team manager of Kartforce, Al Locke joined the team with an honours degree in Motorsport and a solid background in racing - from karts, to single seaters and saloons.

    Al’s a big fan of the KENWOOD radio system and without mincing his words, reported: “The great thing about the KENWOOD system is that it does everything a race team needs when communicating within the pit, with the pit wall and drivers - and does it clearly and reliably. But I guess it should do, after all, it combines the technology and expertise from two of the world leaders in motorsport communications”.