• At the heart of Kenwood Digital DMR Simulcast Networks

  • Kairos-1.jpgKairos – at the heart of Kenwood Digital DMR Simulcast Networks and DMR Tier 3 Network infrastructure

    KAIROS is an ETSI compliant multi-protocol repeater that implements all modulation/demodulation and filtering processes through algorithms in the Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

    This method provides repeatability, the perfect matching of repeaters and can handle different protocols. The Kairos repeater offers true multi-protocol flexibility as the addition of a new protocol or standard can be achieved with a software upgrade.

    The sophisticated software and hardware platform used in KAIROS makes it a powerful and robust Basestation or Repeater. Its LINUX core provides IP interfaces to other devices and networks and allows for a high level of customisation.

    KAIROS is designed for infrastructure applications, especially where radio frequency pollution is an issue and offers excellent coverage and clear communications with rejection of adjacent channel interference.

    KAIROS System Configurations

    A DMR Tier 2 KAIROS based solution using Kenwood DMR hand-portable and mobile radios including the NX-5000 and NX-3000 Series equipment can be configured for both Multi-Frequency and Simulcast operation and supports multi-protocol (analogue/digital) functionality, IP-connected or conventional dispatcher and phone patching and SIP telephony.
    • Dual Timeslots Fixed Station/Repeater
    • Analogue and DMR Tier 2 Simulcast or Multi-Frequency IP-linked Base Station
    • Analogue and DMR Tier 2 Simulcast or Multi-Frequency RF-linked Base Station
    • Single site DMR TIER 3 Trunked System
    • Multisite Simulcast or Multi-Frequency DMR TIER 3 Trunked System

    *ETSI TS 102 361 DMR refers to three Tiers:

    DMR Tier I: Unlicensed
    DMR Tier II: Conventional
    DMR Tier III: Trunked